Classic Car Restoration: What you Should Know

If you visited a few classic car shows that has inspired you to do something with your dad’s old classic car, you came to the right place. In this article, we will offer you a few tips from the pros to help you set up a workshop where you can restore your classic vehicle to its former glory.

  • Project Planning – You can’t really make a decision to restore an old car until you know exactly what that entails, then there is the burning question of obtaining the necessary parts. It might be that some of the components you will need are unavailable, so you do need to fully research the project, listing all costs. Of course, restoring an old classic car is very much a labour of love, but you do hope that the value of the restored vehicle is enough to see a healthy return on your investment.
  • Tools & Equipment – Unless you are outsourcing the project, you will need the right tools and equipment, a comprehensive socket set, screwdrivers, grips of various sizes, metal cleaning trays and brushes, to name but a few. Check out some of the great products at, where you can buy trolleys and trays, which are essential for engine rebuilding and modifications.
  • Time – This never-ending, one-way flow we call time is a critical aspect of your car restoration project; simply put, if you don’t have the time needed to carry out the work, then the project is doomed to fail. If you have a busy life, you might be better off postponing the project until such time as you do have a lot of free time. If you can afford it, why not enlist the help of a professional classic car restorer? Yes, it will be expensive, but if you have made your mind up, then go ahead and have that classic car restored, which would give you many years of pleasure.
  • Standard or Customized – This is a debate that has been raging in the car restoration community for many years; some say that the car must be restored to its original state, using only genuine parts, while others like to add a few of their own personal touches to the project. It is up to you to decide which path you are going to follow, and if you do decide to restore to the original state, you might need to have some components manufactured. Click here for tips when buying an old car online, which might be useful in the future.
  • Access & Security– If you are renting a garage to carry out the work, make sure you have round-the-clock access, as car restoration can be very addictive, while doing the work at home is obviously a plus. As the project gains momentum, it will become an attractive item that will need security, and at least a secure lock-up would be required. Here is some online help for finding restored classic car insurance, which you will need.

If you have done your homework and fully understand what is involved, a lot of hard work, tons of patience and a level of determination will be needed to finish such a project. Then you can look forward to the day when the car is finished and you can invite your friends to check her out.


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