Common Cabin Air Filters for Your Motor Vehicle

Every vehicle is fitted with an HVAC component that traps the harmful pollutants, dust, and other pollutants from the air that your breath in the car. It’s part of the car heating and cooling component that lets your breath fresh air while in the car. You can easily notice when you need to replace the cabin air filters in your car. If you start breathing polluted air and there is no proper air circulation in the car, then it’s high time you replace them. Taking care of the filters is important, as this will let you breathe fresh air while and reduce the frequency of replacing the filters too.

Below are the common types of cabin air filters that you can fit in your car:

STP Cabin Air Filter CAF1726

STP Cabin Air Filter is manufactured by the world’s renowned automotive aftermarket brands. As long as the air filter is in good condition, you can be assured of fresh air in your car. It can optimize the car heating and cooling system. Some of its key features include the following;

  • It’s designed to remove air pollutants and particles in the air before reaching your car.
  • Offers optimal car ventilation system and ensure that heating and cooling systems work perfectly.

Fram Air Filter CA10996

Fram Extra Guard is known to be very strong and controls against air pollutants such as pollen from getting into the car. It’s more effective than most of the filters out there in the market. When replacing the cabin air filters, consider using Fram Air Filter as it boosts the engine performance. The following are some of its features;

  • The air filter enhances airflow and prevents other pollutants and particles from getting their ways into the car.
  • This filter traps more pollutants without fluctuation in the airflow.
  • Upon replacing the clogged air filter, the vehicle performance increases without fluctuation in airflow.

STP Max Filtration

Known for its effective cabin air filtration, the STP Max Filtration maintains clear air in your car, in an addition to that, it can filter out smoke and other bad odors. It provides maximum protection to the occupants of the car while providing clean air circulation. Installing the STP Max Filtration is quite simple and can easily be done by following the installation manual. Below is a list of the key characteristics of this Air Filter.

  • Removes dust and other pollutants, it also features an electrostatically charged particulate layer that traps very fine dust.
  • The charcoal layer and the baking soda components in the filter filters out the foul smells, dangerous gases, and smoke.


  • Advanced antibacterial technology is effective against viruses and bacteria.
  • Easy installation procedure.

When you consider replacing the cabin air filters in your car, there are various factors to consider. The features and capability of each filter are important since some air filters can both provide fresh air in the car and still prevent you from some bacteria and viruses. You also need to consider the quality of these filters and the ease of installing them on your car. When all factors are considered, the most important thing is to take care to replace the air filters immediately with your unpleasant order in the car.


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