COMPLETE VIDEO GUIDE How To MAKE YOUR OWN Studded Motorcycle Tires For Wild Ride On Ice!

The motorcycling season in Russia is short, but if there are studded tires on your bike, it can be extended. For motocross bikes such wheels are sold, while on stunt bikes you have to do it yourself. The spike method depends on the operating conditions of a motorcycle.

For driving on snow and off-road rarely are long spikes firmly fixed in the tread of the tire. Tricks are performed best on clean ice if on the tires there are frequent but rather short spikes.

The experience of Russian riders and fans showed that for stunt bike work well frequently screwed construction screws with flat hat and bulging at 1-1.5 cm. The reliability of fixing the spikes depends on the type of cord and the thickness of the protector. Using worn out tires with this method is not desirable.

For a standard set of tires (120 cm on front and 180 cm on rear) takes about 10,000 screws. Screwing the screws is a tedious thing, but in a few days with unhurried pace, you can master the process. With the screws on it, the tire strongly puts on weight and becomes tougher.

On the rims there needs to be a recess under the valve stem from the inside. The valve should not rub against the edge; it is advisable to put a seal or rubber washer, which can be taken from the old valve stem.

Chamber with 17cm diameter of the desired thickness can be found in stores with spare parts for Chinese motorcycles.

To protect the chamber from the hats of the screws it is necessary to lay a protective layer. Usually for this purpose is used fire hose material which is resistant to abrasion. On the video are used few layer of stuck reinforced aluminum duct tape – just for a few rides nothing happened!

The installment of the studded wheels requires removal of the front wing and the hugger.

It may take some time to finally finish with both tires, but the end result is definitely worth it. These studded tires will be just perfect for some crazy ride on snow or ice. That will surely raise your adrenaline level during the winter.

Check this out on the next video below!


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