Corvette LS1 Engine Fitted On A Trike Is The Best Choice For Making THE SICKEST CUSTOM TRIKE EVER SEEN!!!

Slightly modified trike which has enough HP to win a drag race. Having a Corvette LS1 engine that is fitted inside the hood, this is one fast and mean trike that for sure can pair with the drag racers on the strip. The best thing about this amazing build is that the seats that are mounted on the trike are heated, so driving will not give you the chills as the temperature will be at the best. It has all the chromed parts that have been polished and as we can see they are shining and bright, you can use them as a mirror too.

There is a Cruise Control on this trikeĀ and also a GPS based speedometer. You can plug in this vehicles control panel to the USB port of the PC and see all the readings that are coming from the powerful LS1 engine used on the Chevy Corvette. There is also a ground effect lightening that is effective at 350 ft. and it will make the trike look even better than it is. There are stainless steel headers and a stainless steel exhaust pipe too. The sound that is produced by this engine and the customized exhaust is so great, and running at idle is the best sound in the world of sounds.

The suspension has been upgraded too, now featuring the first sway bar on a trike. In the rear bumper there is a jump start jack that can be used if some other driver needs it, it comes really handy in some cases. There are 34 total fuses on the trike and all power goes through them.

There are some parts on the bike that are steel and they appear as chromed. This is tanks to the great paint job done by a pro. This is an awesome suit for Corvette LS1 engine.

Custom trike with Corvette LS1 engine - big


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