Crazy Bike Stunt In The Living Room! Do You Have The Courage To Do This?!

We’ve seen many stunt riders doing wild and extremely dangerous exhibitions on highways and streets. The only risk in all that is the very possible chance to get yourself killed or in the best case to damage the bike and pay a big load of cash for repairs.

But, this stunter is not interested in showing off in front of people on the road. He’s just a shy guy who likes to perform stunts with his bike in the coziness of the house. On the video we can see him doing a circle around the room on the bike. The thing that he did may seem dull and maybe not cool, but still it required some skills for balancing the bike. Obviously this stunt rider got the hang of it.

This crazy dude actually managed to pull out a short lasted stunt with his bike in the living room without damaging the sofa or the big plasma TV. Note that no people or pieces of the furniture suffered any injuries during the filming of this video.

Bike Stunt at Home


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