CRAZY COOL VW Beetle 4×4 At The 2015 Cruisin’ The Coast! You Guys Will SIMPLY LOVE This Sweet Little Bug!

My cool and awesome friends! This time we have something that will be a real eye-candy for all the loyal fans of the one and only Volkswagen Beetle. Are you in search of an idea on how to make a new VW bug to look crazy and cool at the same time? Well, you’re at the right spot. Here is an insane build featuring a VW Beetle 4×4 and it’s actually one wicked 4×4 vehicle.

The fragile appearance of a stock VW Beetle was transformed into an all-out killer ride prepared for some steep road and rough adventures. If you believe letting a Volkswagen body to sit in a 4×4 seems awkward, then the 4×4 build which you’re about to see would surely prove the opposite. This naughty little bug seems to sitting in an S10 4×4 frame and oh man does it fit the VW bug good. Also the exhaust pipes coming out of the sides sure look awesome too.

The car is most-definitely an eye-catcher with its startling uniqueness and cool style. And knowing what horsepower this monstrous 4×4 bug can deliver would be really great. There is still no video about the interior of the car but everything about it looks great so far. We hope to see more videos of it in the future and even hear the sound of the engine running.

This one of a kind VW Beetle 4×4 was caught up at the 2015 Cruisin’ The Coast event so now you too can take a closer look through the excellent video found below in this article. The Cruisin’ The Coast event is well-known for its long tradition, 21 years now, and for being one of the largest gatherings of all sorts of antique, classic and hot rod vehicles. One of the coolest things about the event is the fact that here there is something for everyone…like this little amazing bug.

As usual, our good old buddy ScottieDTV was present at the event to check out all the cool custom made vehicles and share with us a few shots. The lens of his camera was drawn by this particularly cool build. We’d love to hear from you what you think of this amazing customized VW Beetle. Check it out!


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