Crazy Volvo A25D Dump Truck! DIRTY RAW POWER Leads To Uncontrolled Drift And Flip Over!

This video you’re about to see shows one of those life situations where the first expected reaction of every sane person would be: “WHAT in the world WAS HE THINKING?!” And multiple that feeling by 100. Because the guy on the video shows what happens when a person suffers from a spreading disease called – complete douchebaggery.

He probably got fired on the very spot. He is just very lucky that he didn’t roll over the cliff. There was about 50 feet behind the where he flipped and a long way down to the bottom of the rock quarry. Not exactly the most desirable place a person would like to end up, right?

I really don’t know if the driver of the Volvo A40C dump truck was either drunk, crazy, or maybe both! Whatever may be the case, he definitely managed to pull out that perfectly. Yup, great job done indeed. Must be fun to have him as an employee.  Maybe he could give us a few tips on how to flip over a huge truck and humiliate yourself for the rest of your life. 🙂 LOL


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