DAMN I Love This Car! This Is How A 500+ HP Nissan Skyline GTR R34 Turbo Sounds Like!

Somewhere in Holland, lives a naughty Nissan R34 and all the time he tries to deliver some message in order to warn those ones who will try to make a fool of him or try to defeat him on the race track. Hear me roaring! – That was the message which this Nissan R34 tried to deliver with his nasty turbo on this video!

Let’s first describe this beast a little bit before we let you watch the video bellow and hear the massive turbo sound. This blue-arrow Skyline is able to produce 630BHP and instantly accelerate with bullet speed. The engine sound is amazing even at half throttle but what will blow your mind is the turbo sound. That is something which can’t be described with words. The location where this beautiful R34 was filmed is the Baanvelgen Cars & Coffee 2014 event in Rotterdam.

Play the video bellow and hear the beast roaring and begging for more throttle pressure because that turbo is ready to suck all the oxygen out there and unleash the hell from the engine.

After you watched the video you will find out what is the warning message – Hear me roar! Just imagine the turbo sound under full throttle pressure, that would be nasty, pure eargasm!


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