Dan Dubois Gets VERY WILD During Freestyle And Lawn Darts His ALCOHAULIN MEGA MUD TRUCK Into The Mud Pit At Vermonster 4×4 In Vermont!!!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to drive a monster truck? Have you ever wondered doing cool stunts and tricks with it? I have, so I’m totally into this! The feeling that you’re driving a giant makes the others look small. It’s time for a show off, power up your trucks and go for the crazy jumps.

On the beginning of the video we can see how a giant monster truck is making cool tricks on the stunt ground at Vermonster 4×4 in Vermont. It does look very cool and risky, so the adrenaline in the public increases every second. Everything went okay, until the driver took a sharp jump. High speed isn’t always the way of succeeding a stunt. You can see how he jumped too sharp, that he went down directly with the hood into the ground. Luckily the driver was fine, and he tried to get attention with climbing on the truck while it was crashed.  The event went good, and everything was fine after the incident.

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