DEADLY 1970 Oldsmobile 442 Devastates With Its Presence At The Drag Strip! Its Driver Is A 72-YEAR-OLD Granny! UNBELIEAVABLE But TRUE!!!

All the people on the planet are feeling younger than their actual age and this lady drag racer has over done it. She is feeling 20 something and she is racing on the drag strip. How cool it is to see an old lady racing with a nasty 1970 Oldsmobile 442? Well we have never seen this before and that’s why we would like to share this video with you. She has serious drag racing skills that most of the men that are racing will envy her because of that. Sometimes she is winning too when she is in her drag racing mode, but even if she doesn’t win it is fun as hell to see a lady drag racer so old and so skilled.

When she is in the ‘72 Oldsmobile 442 there is no way that you could tell it is a women driving. By the style it looks like some pro is behind the wheel and he is not giving up a race. When she does the burnout with the 1970 Oldsmobile 442 is the best thing, she stepped on the gas pedal and she is not planning to release it at all. Maybe she burned the tires a little too much, but that way she will be sure that she has enough grip on the drag strip.

It is such a hope giver that this old lady drag racer has come to the race track because we want to think that we will end up like her. Young in the soul and willing to do anything on order to have some fun. Maybe she wanted to impress some of her grandchildren, is one possibility. Or maybe she just wanted to smoke the opponents and to show them that ladies can drive drift cars as well, maybe better than men.


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