Walkaround Of Devilish Tuned Nissan GT-R R35 That Will Leave You Breathless!

YouTube user RealMCR12 spotted this car back in October, 2014 while being parked on the street in some town in Virginia. The author of the video was there visiting the local Cars and Coffee event so quite natural he took the great opportunity to film this beautiful car. He made a nice walkaround video showing the car from every angle.

The owner of this gorgeous satin blue Nissan GT-R R35 put a very cool registration plate with a label ‘DEV1L.’ Looking at the GT-R it is quite clear where did he get the inspiration from. This awesome car looks totally devilish!

Unfortunately we don’t have any information about the features of this tuned Nissan GT-R, except that we were able to notice that it is equipped with a set of  gorgeous HRE 595RS wheels. One thing is for sure – the GTR looks great! 🙂

Enjoy the view of this beautiful car on the following video.


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