Diesel Trucks A 16% UPHILL CLIMB In A HEAVY DUTY SHOOTOUT: Setting These Wild Diesel Beasts Through Their Paces!!!

The commercial trucks are being used all the time for all kinds of purposes. There are people who are using all the capabilities of the heavy duty pickup trucks and there are people that use them just to go to work and back. We are here to test the commercial trucks that are most commonly used by the people and we mean for towing. Towing trucks are meant to be durable and powerful, they can pull any weight attached to them. Testing these trucks on the 16% uphill climb will be a great test and indicator too on which truck is going to do better and you can choose which one will fit your needs.

Nine pickup trucks are going to take this test of towability. They will be given same load and which one will get on the hill faster will be the winner. There are three one ton trucks and six quarter ton trucks that are taking place on this test.

Sixteen percent grade uphill will be the obstacle for today’s test and each truck will need to show what it has under the hood and how it manages the load given. All the trailers have been lubricated so the rolling will be the same with less resistance too.

The Ford F-250 truck made its way faster for five seconds of the other commercial trucks. Proving that the Ford 6.2 liters engine is more powerful and better than the others. Five seconds on a slow drive is large amount of time and if you are driving this truck with load every time you will notice the difference.

The first gear was all that was given to the trucks and the RPM meter hit almost 5000 RPMs. The cooling systems on all trucks did great job as none were overheated during the test.


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