Dodge Challenger Hemi Made A WORLD RECORD Of 6.9 Seconds At 201 mph! This Is The Fastest Gen3 HEMI In The World And The First x275 Car To Make 6 Seconds On The 1/4 Mile!

Our dear friends at That Racing Channel had that unique and amazing opportunity to witness an extraordinary achievement last month as they caught up with the fastest Generation 3 Hemi engine in the world as it set a world record of passing the quarter mile run in only 6.9 seconds at speed of 201 miles per hour! This supercharged Dodge Challenger also became the first x275 car to pass the quarter mile in 6 seconds. How about that? A double celebration for Mopar! 🙂

The event took place at the well-known Maryland International Raceway.

Here are the specifications of the Challenger:

It is powered by a BES 404 ci HEMI with a F1X Procharger supercharger, paired with an PowerGlide transmission, M/T Drag Radials. The car has 3345 lbs of race weight. The reputation of the Dodge Challenger for being rather heavy makes this achievement all the more impressive. Without doubt this Challenger looks smoking hot!

Enjoy watching the world record of this menacing machine on the following video!


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