Dodge Parody In Response For A LITTLE STAB At Them Chevy Owners, This Time…FROM THE DODGE!

There was another Ford parody that inspired this one because one small kid made fun of the host. Now the Dodge parody is a response to that kid who was brave enough to make fun of the host and of his videos too. This guy is named Luckless Matt and he is doing all kinds of videos but he got famous by the parodies that he got involved into. And he likes to do responses too as he responded to the kid this way.

What this guy is saying in the video will make you laugh all day as he says that there is a gaydar on his truck and when he passes a Chevy on his way the gaydar was maxed out. Whatever that means we should not get offended by this video because it is only a joke and it is same like when you search “Fun” on Google. It will give all kinds of answers and maybe this video is the best one in the search box. Don’t dare to miss and see what this guy is doing and saying on the video because it is just hilarious and the way that he talks is just funny too.

You don’t even need to listen to the words that the guy is saying, just listen to the high pitch voice that his throat is producing and you will laugh again and again. Maybe he talks like that because he is making fun of the kid that responded to him we don’t know that, what we know is that this guy is way too funny and he should be taken to a stand-up comedy or something and make some cash out of nothing. Way too cool video for the Dodge parody don’t miss it out for anything.


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