What A Pity: DODGE WILL RECALL 88,000 CHALLENGERS With Problematic Takata Airbags!

Are you disappointed? Imagine your Challenger or Charger with injuries on the Mopar heart, which would be painful! But don’t worry the problematic parts are not even produced by the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, so there is no space for panic here.

The recall will include the range from September 19, 2007 to October 20, 2010 but all those brave hearted Mopars are in healthy condition, they can still drink their favorite octane juice with no difficulties. The problem is in the airbags!

Since Dodge and many other manufacturers around the world use the Takata airbags the guilt is not on their side.

FCA discovered that in accident when the airbag is activated it can potentially send metal fragments and other particles to the driver or passenger, which can result with serious injuries or even death.

Dodge is prepared to answer on this remedy but they still don’t have a fix for the problem but this can be addressed to FCA because they need to figure out which will be the replacement parts.

Stay in touch with us if you want to be between the first people who will find out. By the way, 40 million equipped with Takata airbags have been recalled around the world, our Dodge heroes are healthy and in shape.

two 2010 dodge challenger cars front end in motion - cl


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