It Is Snowy Outside? Don’t Worry, This Drifting 2015 Aston Martin Vantage S Knows How To HEAT THE ATMOSPHERE!!!

Let us first create the right state of mind and next let you go with the snowy flow in the video! Let first imagine that outside is snowy, with ice! Damn cold and you are not planning to leave the heated room for any price!

What if we tell you that exists a certain thing which can trick you to go outside even without taking your warm coat with you? Yeah, literally you will jump out of the sofa and run outside! The thing is called Aston Martin, yeah, the newest one, 2015 Vantage S! Do you know what that means?

A heating machine folks which will warm up your hearts with adrenaline snow drifting followed by the amazing sound of the V12 orchestra packed under the hood in 6.0-liter package and delivers spectrum of 565 different sounds!

And that’s it, the cold vanishes and your eyes are glued to the Aston Martin, maybe your body will tell your brain that it feels cold but it won’t listen at all! It’s a dangerous situation!

That’s why we brought you this video below because we wanted to spare you from cold fever! Enjoy the video!


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