Driving a Bike – YOUR HEAD and BODY Needs This – Ducati Multistrada D-Air System Wireless

The use of security systems with autonomous sensors in suits for motorcyclists and cyclists is one of the last significant achievements in the field of security of two-wheeled vehicles. However, until March 2014 in the case of an accident the outfit relied on information provided by its own sensors.

It was then when the legendary producer of motorcycles – Ducati announced that the company is the first in the world will offer the market a unique system to provide additional protection for motorcyclists in case of accident.

The company announced the world’s first production motorcycle Ducati Multistrada D-Air with enabled security system that is built into the model itself. The vehicle is proposed to use together with a special riding jacket, developed in collaboration with the company Dainese.
Ducati and Dainese had developed a special version of the Multistrada which is wirelessly connected to the integrated D-Air system, which is an advanced motorcycle jacket equipped with airbags to protect motorists at risk of falling. The D-air system basically represents a special jacket, in which is installed the entire system of inflatable zones in the event of a collision to protect the most vulnerable parts of the body of the motorcyclist. The system is connected to the motorcycle through a series of special sensors that detect different possibilities of danger (collision front, rear impact, loss of contact with the ground and the possibility of falling and sideslip, etc.).

The main advantage of the joint efforts of these renowned manufacturers of motorcycles and accessories is in the fact that the system is ready in the factory and so motorist can just jump on the seat and drive while the system provides optimum protection both to him and the companion.
All that the user needs to do when he starts the motorcycle is to check whether the system is properly connected to it, which is told by the three indicators on the top of the meter.

In the electronics of the bike are built-in sensors that monitor the dynamics of the motorcycle -- in the case of a high probability of an accident the sensors provide a wireless signal to the “smart” outfit.

Built in the suit, the airbags are fully deployed in 45 milliseconds, protecting the entire torso of the driver in a collision with a vehicle, or in the case of loss of contact with the bike. At the same time, the system reacts differently depending on the crisis situation, for example a rear impact or loss of contact with the ground during cornering due to slippery roads.

It should also be noted that in November 2013, BMW together with Dainese presented a single-piece jacket with integrated airbag. The joint product was then represented by the president of BMW Motorrad Stephan Schaller and the president of Dainese Lino Dainese. Like the outfit of Dainese for Ducati, the airbag suit of BMW works instantly in case of falling of the rider and manages to open up for the fantastic 45 milliseconds. Although Ducati in its line of equipment uses a solution of the same Dainese, the Ducati engineers have approached the issue in a very original way because, the motorcycle Ducati Multistrada is the first production bike with a “smart” security system that interacts with the equipment.

Thanks to this feature, as well as the presence of a set of electronic security (ABS, traction control, etc.), the all-terrain motorcycle Ducati Multistrada D-Air is positioned as one of the safest in the world of motorcycles. In the European market the novelty appeared in May 2014.



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