Dubai’s First Rotating Skyscraper Dynamic Tower Offers A Perfect 360 Degrees View! IMPRESSIVE ARCHITECTURAL MARVEL!

Again we can say that Dubai is light years ahead оф the whole world. The future once again arrives in Dubai with the very idea and plan to build a rotating skyscraper. Although Dubai is already the home to some wonderful buildings such as the Burj Khalifa and the largest indoor amusement park, the major attraction which will appear in the city in the year of 2020 will be a real “Wonder of the World.” The name of this architectural wonder is Dynamic Tower.

Namely, according to the idea of ​​the prominent architect David Fisher, in three years in this city will be built a skyscraper completely different from all ever built before. Its main feature will be that the apartments will be able to rotate in 360 ​​degrees, and the very moving will be managed by the human voice. The rotating tower will be 420 meters high and each of its 80 floors can be individually rotated around the core of the building, which will offer tenants view of Dubai from 360 degrees.

Thus, tenants will be able to “fine tune” the apartments at “solar system” and have a sunny apartment during the whole day because it will rotate and follow the sun. This means that if you want to wake up in the morning with the sunrise, you can also dine beside the sunset.

“Dynamic Tower”, as it is called, was designed in 2008 by the Italian-Israeli architect David Fisher. There will be 80 rotating floors in it that will make it appear as if the building is in constant motion.

Fischer imagined this project back in 2008, but dropped the whole idea. However, last year again they found an investor, so that the rotating skyscraper will still live to see its day.

As for the skyscraper, it is interesting that each apartment will be built separately. Simply said, you enter the elevator that takes you to your rotating floor. An additional positive side is that there are wind turbines between the floors to supply the structure with electricity generated from renewable resources.

So how does this luxurious pleasure cost? Just a trifle for the richest folks! Each apartment will cost no less than $ 30 million!

Take a closer look at this incredible architectural project at the following video below.


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