The Easiest Way To Clean The Snow Of Your Car – Shake It With The Subwoofer !!!

Ideal! If this winter car can vibrate nice and hard for a half an hour to warm up then it will be able to drive away once you put in a nice tight gear. A good bassline and solid subwoofer (according to which mount subwoofer) will blow the snow (and leaves?) off the car in no time.

We can again make a rule out of it when putting items on the winter checklist. As comfortable as possible to have a cool ride through the winter.

Winter tires fitted? A good start, because we like to keep the car intact. The next steps: refill the wipers with a bottle of spray alcohol to get the ice from the windshield without scratching it. However, we prefer to let the car warm up in advance, with the heater on, then thaw the windows by ourselves. Nothing is more annoying than starting off in a cold car. Finally, the subwoofer. Because nothing vibrates the hell of your car as a mind-blowing 2000W of bass.

The filmmaker did it with two Rockford P3‘s. “You’re a Jerk” by The New Boyz and “Colorful Clothes” by Lil Wayne produced the correct tones.

Check this out on the video below:


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