JUMP ONBOARD Emilia Motors’ Incredible Mansory Vivere, A CUSTOM BUILT BUGATTI VEYRON Made By Mansory With Price Tag Of About $2.5m!!!

Maybe somebody has a unit of the precious diamond, the Bugatti Veyron laying around the car park? And he wants to make it even more powerful and rarer than it is now? And he has spare 2.5 million dollars?

Well the guys from the Mansory Company have the answer. The managed to customize this Veyron to the maximum and now it is producing 1100 horsepower and they changed the exhaust from all the way from the engine to the end and made it from all titanium so it sounds like it. It sounds expensive, powerful, massive and strangely beautiful. It is music to the ears of the car lovers and nobody will say something bad for it because there isn’t any. The dashboard is customized as well, the headlights, the taillights and now the car looks more appealing than before.

The stock version of the famous and notorious Bugatti Veyron comes with attractive performances and looks and paintjob but the guys from Mansory did their jobs and made this car like god of the other Veyron’s out there. Check out the video and see for yourselves and give feedback to the Mansory the will surely appreciate it:


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