Enjoying Your Icelandic Adventure

Adventures of a lifetime only come every so often. They are the perfect opportunity to test out your wildest dreams and pushing yourself farther than you thought you could go. Maybe your dream is traveling to Africa or Iceland or trekking the great mountains of Nepal. Whatever your ambitions are, transportation is always part of the logistical pre-planning that makes those dreams achievable. Although vacation and discovery are often best left to the heat of the moment, it can be even greater with a bit of pre-planned structure. Leaving a car behind can sound good when you are trying to escape the everyday responsibilities of life, but can also leave you in a lurch or far away from where you want to be.

You arrive in Iceland and have put in a lot of work planning your yearly vacation time in a location you’ve always dreamed of. Because of unknowns, you didn’t rent a car thinking your days could be filled with tours with people who can teach you about the area.

What you forgot was that there is a lot of downtime between excursions. Although you learned a lot on your guided excursions, there are smaller more local spots that you’d love to see—and you have no car. There is also the matter of being and relying on others for all of your moving needs. Any moments of spontaneous adventure are squashed by not having a vehicle to get you there. Relying on your tour operator on a whim also comes with the expense of what everyone else wants to do.

The great thing is that its never to late to go ahead and rent a car. Lotus Car Rental in Keflavik is the area’s supply of 4×4 adventure vehicles. United States licenses are accepted in Iceland, so you don’t even have to get an international license.

Learning to drive on the other side of the road only adds to the adventure. Extra insurance might be something to consider, especially when you might not be familiar with the local driving laws or conditions.

With the convenience of having your own vehicle, you will have the freedom to explore the hidden gems you might hear locals talking about, or explore a natural wonder that is in the next town over. If you are someone who covets convenience, you will want the freedom of your own ride.

The advantages of having your own car are many, especially in a place that is spread out and dominated by nature. Getting from one town to the next might take hours with buses or lots of money to continually hire a car to take you where you want to go. Having a car lets you make grander decisions about going on multi-day excursions and the chance to meet people. The convenience of hopping in your rental and following the rainbow will always lead toward an unforgettable experience.

There are some basic questions to ask about your particular trip that will help you decide if a rental car is right for you. Will you be mostly traveling in urban cities where all basic public transportation will be supplied? Will you be mostly out in the mountains and rural areas where you will need a vehicle to go everywhere. Unless you are planning to stay at an all-inclusive hotel or spa, escaping all modern day conveniences, your best bet is by car. Time of year will also dictate what will be available by car. In Iceland, many roads might be closed due to inclement weather or seasonal closures. The plus side of renting despite this is your rental company should be able to inform you these details.

You might think renting the car might be your largest expense, but at the end of a trip, you might find your budget was largely affected by all the transportation you need to hire. A bigger expense all at once often saves over many smaller expenses adding up in the end. When looking for convenience and adventure, renting your own car allows the freedom and spontaneous moments to fly.


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