EPIC CADILLAC ESCALADE BURNOUT: This Little Kid Is The Ultimate Boss on Track!

That little man is the boss, literally he is the king of burnouts! Just look at his face expression he is saying – I will burn the tires until the Cadillac engine is dead! How cool! We know that you will like it.

Imagine one day you are getting home and you see a rubber smoke is arising from your backyard and a strange tire noise, you run there and what you see, a miracle, your little boy is screaming the Cadillac Escalade. Of course that’s not your SUV, it’s his SUV the small one, the toy but somehow he is a wheel addict and he learned to torture him.

Yeah, he took his sunglasses made some fix on the braking system to stop only the front wheels and get in the cockpit pressing the gas pedal so strong while forcing the rear wheel to spin and scream. Naughty little boy. And it is funny how he enjoy the rubber smell, he is born drag racer!

Would you pimp your child toy SUV at this level when they will be able to perform burnouts? Isn’t that cool? Watch the video bellow and tell us what you think!


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