EXPLODING TIRE Blows Away An Unfortunate Thief! It’s A Miracle How He EVEN STAYED ALIVE!!!

We’ve already shown you guys how dangerous an exploding tire can be. In one of our previous articles you could see as a tire explosion did unimaginable damage to the world’s largest single-piece inflation cage made of steel. Another video that we posted on our website demonstrated the lethal power of overinflating a tire. On it you can see a tire placed inside an inflation cage being inflated. At one moment the pressure from the explosion blew away a dummy several meters away. If it had been a real person, the results would have been devastating.

Unfortunately here we can see a very realistic example of that which occurred few years ago somewhere in China. Here we have a security camera footage which shows exactly what happened. After he had a failed robbery attempt, this thief decided to pay back the store’s owner. So he tried to slash the tire of his vehicle. But what he obviously didn’t imagine was that the tire would explode and blow him away as well. It is possible that the tire pressure shot his blade across his arm, but the force of the air coupled with the fall could have also broke his arm. This man is very lucky the blade missed his neck.

What seemed to be an easy way for a cold revenge for this thief, turned out to be a very harsh lesson to never do that again. One might say that karma is a bad thing, but hey, at least it’s fair.

Sadly he fell on the ground hitting his face directly on the stairs behind him. We truly hope he didn’t face any serious injuries. That will surely be a day he will never forget. We wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone again.

Check out how it all happened on the video below. Our advice for you is: stay away from stealing tires. Such a feat might end up with unexpected and shocking results.


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