EXTREME Concept – Lamborghini Ankonian! Batmobile Mixed With Lamborghini Reventon…!

The young prosperous designer Slavche Tanevski from Macedonia, studying at the  Munich University of Applied Sciences decided to raise the design of Lamborghini Reventon to the next level and give it a more aggressive and unique look. And he created this aggressive mix between Reventon and Batmobile, which is called the Lamborghini Ankonian. This model has a built-in LEDs between the planes that function as lights and give it space view. Lamborghini Ankonian got its name from the bull breed, known for its black skin. In the creation of the design also attended professional designers from Lamborghini and Audi.

The creation of the Lamborghini Ankonian concept was inspired by the shape and appearance of a tactical strike aircraft Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk, built using stealth technology. Tanevski spent six months to create of clay a radically new car. His plan was a success.


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