Extremely Fierce Biker Road Rage: HE ISN’T PROUD OF THE ACT! Tries To Keep It Cool But In The End RAGE GOT THE BETTER OF HIM!!!

It happens sometimes someone to piss you off while you are riding your bike. After that it is logic the whole situation to transform into biker road rage! Usually most of the people while they are driving they are somewhere else with their minds and barely notice the bikers on the roads.

This biker road rage came into live after the moment the guy with the Nissan surpassed the guy with the Kawasaki motorcycle. Honestly, in our opinion it wasn’t so bad situation, not even close because no one was put in real danger. But, there is always one but before something happen, the guy with the Kawasaki started to follow the Nissan until they came on Walmart parking lot.

The Nissan driver was not so polite but the situation on the video could have been avoided. You can imagine their “polite” words messing with the female members of their families, even messing with their girls… For sure, the situation was not pleasant for the girl in the white Nissan when this Kawasaki guy called her fat! And this is the moment where the biker road rage comes in full light.

After that moment the conversation went on more nervous level and the car driver touched the motorcycle once. Yeah, not that he wanted to break it but the biker with the camera like he was waiting for that spark and started to shout warnings how he will defend his property.

Can you just imagine the irony? It wasn’t fair, a false biker road rage just to punch one guy on the face. Thank God there were people and they separated them immediately after the few punches the Nissan guy ate.

Play the video below and see how the situation was evolving and share your opinion with us.


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