YOU BETTER WATCH OUT For This Extremely Lifted Hummer H1 By Hima Shown At The SEMA Motor Show 2015!!!

The Hummers are originally lifted but what these guys have done with this one, it is a miracle and blessing for the eyes to see it. Beautiful custom painted body of the Hummer with mixed color, we bet that Him has one hell of a painter in their garage.

But somehow they managed to lower the integrity of this Hummer because now it looks like it has some sensibility left in it, and Hummer is all about being cruel and rough on the road. But their vision was to make a Hummer that will attract nice people to it not some rough road monsters like us.

On this Hummer there are higher tires mounted on it and we can only imagine how much money they spent on them. Hima is a one rich company that creates and pulls off ideas and they don’t care about the finish cost of the the front there are two more headlights added so that you will be sure on the road and never left without light. On the side where you step into the car there are LED lights to lighten your way into the vehicle.

For us this is one of the baddest vehicle on SEMA this year! Do you agree with us? Check the video bellow and tell us your opinion.


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