The eyes of the Air Force – Check Out This SR71 Twine P-120 Super Scale!!!

The history of aviation is full of icons, and it would be real hard to agree on a top ten of the best aircrafts of all time.

But when it comes to flying intimidation, the SR71 Blackbird always stands on the podium (we can even left out a helicopter). Imagine a glimpse into the sawed-off barrels of a shotgun as an airplane, and already you have a Blackbird.

The SR71 was used to educate and the shape resulted from an effort to make the black bird almost invisible. Here is an aviation nerd at the beginnings of stealth technology who wanted to escape Uncle Sam with the red radar.

The military functionality has created this Batmobile of the skies an aesthetics that has survived the Cold War and found its way into popular culture: Princess Amidala and the X-Men were – although much more comfortable – in much the same companions on the road.

In the real world, however, it was until now only a dream to be able to fly with a Blackbird. Until now. And the Blackbird for almost everyone even fits into the local garage.

See this brilliant piece of creation on the video below:


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