What We Have Here For You Is Nothing But FANTASTIC RC Car With RWD DRIFTING LIKE A CHAMPION In Japan!!!

RC cars are becoming more and more used for making drifts and making donuts too, and as we can see on this special video here, this RC car has the rear wheel drive that has been setup for drifting. This RC car clearly has some really powerful engines to drive it, because it is making drifts like a real car.

The powerful engines that give power to the tires to drift are supported by some heavy duty batteries that can last for a long time on the track. If the batteries are no good, than the strong engines don’t mean nothing.

The car has also some rubber tires mounted on it, custom made, because the plastic ones cannot give no drift, the plastic will only slide on the asphalt like skates on ice. Here we have great drift made by this powerful RC car, which shows that electricity can give quite the kick, even for making drifts.

The guy that is behind the controller has shown great awareness as well, he trained very hard for this video, and he managed to make it good, with some thrilling moments and unforgettable RC drifts on the track.


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