How To Find Reliable Used Car Dealerships In Fairport NY

If you’re looking for a used car, then finding a reliable dealership should be in your best interest. However, with numerous dealership options, finding one can sometimes be daunting.

A reliable used car dealership will be quick in attending all your needs. They will provide you with excellent service, reasonable prices, and appropriate financing programs. Generally, they must have an honest business. With all these qualities in mind, finding one can be a tough task.

This article will be covering the topic on how to find a reliable dealership, and if you’re wondering about used car dealerships in the Fairport, New York area — click here.

How to find one?

Doing a little research and asking for referrals can go a long way in finding the right dealership. It’s essential that before you walk through a dealership’s door, you already know a thing or two about them.


Go online

Nowadays, almost everything is on the web, even used car dealerships. Start your search by simply Googling dealerships near your area, and make a list of potential dealers. To narrow down your list, simply read online reviews from websites that review dealerships and look for dealers with a poor reputation. If you find one within your list, remove them immediately.

Although negative reviews should be noted, used car dealers with less than two or three negative customer reviews can still be considered. However, if you find out that a particular dealer has a bad online reputation, then think of it as a red flag.


Ask for referrals

Asking your friends and family for referrals can significantly make your search easier. Ask these questions to someone you know with previous used car buying experience — where they bought one, do they know someone who works at a dealership, and what has been their buying experience.

Talking to people you personally know can make it easier to talk about negative experiences more than the good ones. If a friend or a loved one had a poor buying experience from a particular used car dealership, you’d definitely hear it.

When evaluating used car dealerships, consider these things:


Fair prices

When searching for a used car dealership, you should definitely consider the one with reasonable pricing. Some dealerships put a higher price tag on their cars to make room for negotiations, while others price their cars competitively.

However, if a particular dealer has a higher price tag, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not open to competing with other dealers. A reliable dealer will be transparent with their used car pricing and will include all necessary fees in the overall price of the used car.



Whether it is about a bad service at a restaurant or an arrogant sales agent at a car dealership, people will be talking about it online. If your car dealership does not have any online reviews, then you should keep caution moving forward. A dealer without any negative feedbacks can mean that they’re censoring customer reviews, or they’re just a flyby dealership — neither of which is a sign of a reliable dealer.

A reliable used car dealership will have numerous positive reviews and a few negative ones, of course. Use these negative feedbacks to gauge the dealership’s management, as this can reflect the level of their customer service. A reliable dealer will take it’s time to respond promptly to these complaints, and will provide some sort of settlement.

On the other hand, if a used car dealer does not respond to any complaint, then you should be wary. However, if a dealer happens to have a few negative reviews, but responds to them promptly with the resolution, then that dealer can also be considered safe.


Years in service

If a used car dealership has been in business for a considerable amount of time, then it can be a good indicator of how well they serve their customers. The longer the have been selling cars, the more happy customers they have. As dealing with rookies and startups will have certain risks involved.

Choosing a dealership that has been around for a long time can increase your chances of finding a reliable one.



Closing thoughts

If you are buying a used car, finding a reliable and trustworthy dealership can save you all the unnecessary stresses and complications of buying one. Always remember to do your research, read reviews and used car buying tips, before you make your final decision. Keep all these in mind, and may you find a reliable one.





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