FIRST LAUNCH Of The “M.V. ‘Greenland” Ship Produces An Unexpected Result! Didn’t Know There’s THIS WAY OF LAUNCHING A SHIP :) LOL

This is one amazing video with a large ship named “M.V. Greenland” gets launched in the water for the first. The company was building this ship for a long time now, and it is time to place it in the water where it belongs. The process is this, the ship was built on wooden ramps that have an angle towards the water, so when the time comes it will be easier to place it there. The thing is that the ship needs a little pull, and that’s where the other one comes in to help.

The ship splashes into the water, creating waves of water to go near the viewers of the event. It is always so cool to see a ship being placed in the water for the first time. The ships are the most used transport means, because there is a load weight limit on the airplanes, and the limit on the ships is three times higher than the one on airplanes. That’s why the companies are building these massive ships, to transport even more goods and to make even more money. Great feeling will overwhelm you when the ship hits the water and then it will settle down like nothing has happened.


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