Five Decades-Long Volvo P1800 With OVER 5 MILLION KILOMETERS! Irv Gordon’s Guinness World Record Car Is A PRECIOUS PIECE OF HISTORY!

Five decades on the road, the American Irv Gordon is an absolute world record for miles traveled in a private vehicle of a single owner. The Volvo P1800 of Gordon, acquired in 1966, is now approaching 3.2 million miles traveled (about 5 million kilometers), equivalent to circle the Earth more than 126 times – or six round trips of the moon.

Irwin Gordon covered more than 5.12 million kilometers with his Volvo P1800. Gordon’s car was officially recorded in the Book of Records as the vehicle with biggest mileage traveled.

The American bought the car as brand new in 1966 for the sum of 4,100 dollars. Gordon admits that at the time that was the salary he received for the whole year. The car is equipped with a 2.0 liter petrol engine, which develops an output of 115 hp. The maximum speed of this performance coupe looks ridiculous – 175 km / h, but as Gordon said, it is quite enough. During the 50 years the owner immaculately cared for his car and did not do any break in its management. All the time the vehicle is in perfect condition, the transmission oil is being checked every 3-4 months, while the engine oil almost every month.

The red Volvo P1800S was first find in the Guinness Book of Records in the late ‘90s of last century. Then it had spent 2,700,000 kilometers. On 1st of May this year, the American exceeded the limit of Jubilee 3 million miles (about 4,800,000 kilometers). In this year’s last blog on the Internet, Gordon said his car has passed 5.120.000 km.

A few years ago the North American unit of Volvo gave Gordon a brand new crossover Volvo XC60. The man admits that he likes the car very much, but at the same time he drives the old car.

“I’ve thought to sell the car, but no one agrees to buy it”, jokes the American in many interviews given. – I’m not asking a lot for it, only 1 dollar for each passed mile. Still, potential customers flee right away when they hear the price. They may not realize that this car becomes more expensive with age.


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