Five Tips For Negotiating With Used Car Dealerships Canandaigua NY

The city of Canandaigua located in upper New York is famous for its namesake lake where both domestic and foreign tourists can participate in any of its activities from kayak and wakeboarding, to riding a replica of a vintage steamboat.

It’s also home to several used car dealerships where anyone can buy any pre-owned vehicle they like. After visiting online and browsing through their selection of used cars, you decided to go to their physical shop. What should you do to get the best car for an affordable price?

Here are five tips you can apply while negotiating with them or some other used car dealership in Canandaigua, NY so that you can buy any pre-owned vehicle for less than its original price:

  1. Have a realistic estimate of the cost before haggling.

If you’re new to buying a car, you might initially think that a budget of $2,000 is enough.

But try haggling with a used car dealer in Canandaigua. They’ll most probably laugh in front of you for being oblivious to the fact that the average cost of a used car in the entire United States was already at $19,657 during the first quarter of 2018.

So, do the following first before heading over to a dealer:

  • Know the exact type of used car you want to buy. Would you rather own a compact car? Perhaps a sedan? How about a station wagon?
  • Check the website of the dealership and any of its competitors to get a better idea of how much they’ve priced the used car you’re planning to purchase.
  • Visit reliable and independent third-party online resources like for a clearer understanding of how much money you should spend.
  1. Borrow money from financial institutions.

Another rookie mistake you might commit is applying for financing directly through the dealer who might jack up your car’s loan interest rate at a much higher percentage. That way, they can earn more money at your expense.

So, instead of signing a financing contract with a used car dealership, apply for an auto loan at a bank or credit union near you.

Borrowing money directly from a financial institution to purchase a pre-owned vehicle lets you save more money since they issue lower interest rates compared to what a used car dealership will offer you.

  1. Refuse to have any costly add-ons.

The dealership where you plan on buying a used car might offer you any of these add-ons that they’ll surely claim to add more value to the car:

  • VIN etching – carve the vehicle’s identification number, supposedly as a theft prevention device
  • Fabric protection – spraying a material to protect the seats against seepage of liquids spilled onto them
  • Extended warranty – wherein the dealer will repair any damage that you didn’t make for a more extended period

All the extras mentioned above will only be cost-prohibitive for you. Bear in mind that they’re just lovely to have and aren’t necessities at all.

If a dealer wants to sell you any add-ons, flat-out refuse their offer. Think of your budget instead of easily falling to their sales talk.

  1. Consider showing up an hour before their closing time.

Car dealers receive their earnings under a commission-based system instead of by hour rates. As a result, they most likely wouldn’t want to stay for a couple of extra hours working at their dealership until both of you had settled on the final price of the used car that you want to buy from them.

So, while you can technically visit them anytime during their business hours, the best time to do that is at least an hour before their closing time. If they close at 6 in the evening, make sure to show up there at 5PM sharp.

As their last customer for the day, they’ll want to conclude the sale as quickly as they can so that they can wrap everything up before clocking out from work.

  1. Walk away from a bad deal.

No matter how much negotiation you’ll end up doing, they might not give in to your pleas of making the price lower.

If you have a gut feeling that they might upsell you into buying a used car for more than its current market value, trust your instincts and get out of there as soon as you can. Just remember to do it politely so that you won’t come across as a rude customer.

You may have chosen to get yourself a pre-owned vehicle as it’s cheaper than scoring a brand new one. But you can save more money if you apply the five tips listed above while negotiating with a used car dealership in Canandaigua, NY. After all, buying a secondhand car doesn’t have to set you back financially.



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