Fix iPhone DAMAGED BY WATER With This Tutorial In Minutes For Free! No Matter How Badly Damaged Is, YOU’LL BE ABLE TO FIX IT! Works With All Types Of Phones, Tablets & iPods!

Using this video to fix iPhone damaged by water will work fine for some people. But how in the first place you got that expensive iPhone into the water? Weren’t you thinking about all the money that you have spent on that high spec phone and now you are just going to drop it into the water? Didn’t high school teach you of anything?

Enough with the excuses, we are only here to help you and to tell you the way of fixing a water damaged iPhone. How the rice is being able to repair that drown phone into the water? Well this is an easy to answer question. The rice is dried out and it is considered to be fully dried if it feels light in the hand. After you have dropped your phone into the water, or into the pool, or the bathtub, doesn’t matter, here is what you are going to do next in order to fix the problem.

Taking the phone and placing it on flat surface, wooden would be just fine and then covering it with dry rice. If you are feeling not so confident you might use the cotton balls in order to suck all that water from the phone. This trick for fixing a water damaged iPhone will only work if you give it enough time for the rice and the cotton to take all the water out of the phone. It will take up to three weeks of waiting on order to repair the drowned phone but it will be worth the wait. What is better, repairing the phone or buying a new one?

That is what we thought so, just be patient and let the rice do its thing. Or if you don’t like the wait, just take the phone, freeze it and then crash it with the hammer, it will work on any phone and brand.


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