LIGHT ME UP BABY WITH METHANOL FUEL!!! Ford Mustang Boosted By A 632ci Big Block Chevy V8 Engine And Large Frame 106mm Turbo!!!

Here is an interesting video from the YouTube channel Fullboost. In it you will see a Ford Mustang that has been totally rebuilt and made to be one of the largest monsters on the Sydney Dragway in Australia.

This Mustang belongs to Peter and in it you will find an engine that is bigger than that one of a jet plane. This turbo Ford Mustang is powered by a 632ci big block Chevy V8 engine, but what makes this car go extremely fast and what makes it look like a monster is the enormous 106mm turbo that is on a methanol fuel. The Ford Mustang was able to make an 8 second pass on the drag race track but I’m sure that this car can do better, besides this was its first race after it was completed. One thing is for sure, while watching the video you will hear one of the most epic sounds that an engine can make, you will get the chills. I do suggest you turn up the volume while watching this video.

Enjoy it and feel free to leave any comments below in the comment area!


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