Made Especially For Young Muscle Car Fans (AND THEIR DADS): FULL REMOTE CONTROLLED LEGO Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 By Sheepo!!!

The Shelby GT500 is driving people crazy, as these garage guys who are overwhelmed with the construction of the GT500, they even made one for themselves out of LEGOs.

We salute the idea of making one Shelby GT500 with LEGOs, and we like that it is fully functional, which has RC controls for the steering and for the braking. There has been some serious job done on this car, as we can see from the results.

For the construction of the GT500, the Sheepo Garage used total of 3500 LEGO parts, amazing build there. The great thing about this scaled car is that it is big enough and is more advanced than some real cars out there.

It even has disc brakes mounted on it, so there is no problem with the stopping the car. This LEGO made car even has a sequential gearbox which has five gears on it. Amazing, isn’t it? We are happy to see how people are thinking and how they are using other materials than metal to make a car, and to make the car functional as well. With the RC, it can go wherever you want it to.


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