Future Transportation Technology Is ON THE DOORSTEP! China STRADDLING BUS Will Allow Smaller Cars To PASS BY UNDER IT!

All the new machines and the options that they give us for production has led to the future transportation technology that we are going to talk about today. Most of the designers out there are thinking about automating the vehicles and maybe they have achieved their goal now. It is up to you to judge if this concept is going to turn the car industry the other way or if we are going to stick to our cars that we love so much.

There are a number of reasons why this new future transportation technology must be used starting today. There is the traffic jams to start with. They are going to be eliminated with this technology and we will no longer be wasting valuable time waiting for the traffic light to turn green. Also the pollution will be lowered after this concept will be incorporated and the Planet Earth might be saved from the global warming that has been taking swing. The new technology will be convenient, easy to use and it will be environment friendly as well. These are the reasons why we should cheer for this new future transportation technology and will go all the way until the decision has been made.

This is the bus that has been made and developed in China and all the other countries are thinking why they didn’t think of it first. Now the rights belong to the Chinese designers and they are the ones that are going to be famous for it. It is the straddling bus that we are talking about it is going to be first to pass at the green light and it is going to save us so much time that we were spending before in the traffic jams that made us late for work.


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