IT SURE AIN’T A PRETTY SIGHT: George Poteet Crashes At 370MPH Speed At The Bonneville Salt Flats!

You will witness an epic speed run at the Bonneville Salt Flats featured by George Poteet. The speed and the adrenaline addicts would love this act, amazing roaring of the engine and loud cutting sound caused from the wind that crashes into the vehicle’s body!

The shots are amazing, two cameras, one will provide you an amazing view from inside the cockpit and another will give you a delicious taste from the rear and present you the actual speed. Yeah, 370MPH! That is something folks.

But you need to witness another thing besides the stunning speed of 370MPH, and it ain’t pretty, crash at that speed. At least it has happy end, after a seconds from the disastrous crash, the people from Speed Demon were there to provide George help. Thank God, George was fine and he left the cockpit by himself.

Guts and luck, that’s all you need to possess when you are participating in challenge of this caliber, believe us, we were frightened when the vehicles started to roll and the camera still turned on!

Play the video bellow and see how it looks the ride with 370MPH, and the most important part, how dangerous it might be.


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