Monumental Street Race Of Two Automotive Giants Both With 1200 HP – Lamborghini Galardo TT vs. Toyota Supra!!!

It’s time for a real pleasure for all of you fans of fast cars and awesome street races. This time we have again another two colossal giants in the world of cars.

In the right corner we have the Italian raging bull called Lamborghini Underground Racing 2R Gallardo Superleggera. Its incredible power of 1800 hp was tuned down to 1200 hp because only God knows what would happen if this beast was unleashed with its full potential. In the other corner we have the Japanese serpent: BIG turbo Toyota Supra also with 1200 hp. So their numbers are matched, but only one can be declared the champion in this hell of a race. So it’s time to witness this fantastic racing event on the streets of Texas.

With these two cars which have no less than 1,000 hp under the hood can certainly anyone play in his or hers exclusive automotive club. Which one is your favorite? Check this epic street race on the video below:


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