Goodfellas On The Streets: 1400 Hp Supra Vs 1600 Hp Supra In TRACTION BATTLE!

Mighty Goodfellas, yeah, like in the Italian mafia, with united force of 3000 hp. Can you guess for whom we are talking about?

Maybe not Italian, sorry for that expression, these are Japanese Yakuza, from Supra brotherhood. And now we suppose is everything more clear.

And yeah baby, here we are talking about real turbocharged power on the streets. And believe us, you can’t hold up this beasts on the streets, you will see why in the video, and here’s a little note – just try to shift gear with full throtlle.

The bigger from the Japanese Yakuza brothers is with 1.600 hp to 1700 hp and the little Supra delivers 1.400 hp, don’t mess with them and don’t say we didn’t warn you!

But maybe you have a little chances, yeah, with this enormous power, many things are not guaranteed, especially the traction in the cold nights. Race ended because in one of the Supras came to break in the transmission (the guy lost 3rd and 4th gear, but you can hear him commenting “It’s not a big deal, I’ll repair it but I don’t have tools with me now”)… things just went wrong at 140mph!

Watch the video to see the two Supras conquering the streets in Florida. And what do you think, can he repair the damage as easily as he says?


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