GT500 CHICK Vs Memo And A Acura Integra: GUESS WHO WON OUT OF THESE 3! Oh Well, You Live And You Learn!!!

Racing on the streets means winning and losing too, but if the crew wants to set you up, then you are done. Here we have one brave girl that is racing with a powerful Shelby Mustang GT500, she wants to win some races, soon. In the first run on the streets we can see that the girl is let to win, she wasn’t faster, but the members of the crew decided to let her win, so that she will be hooked up for the next race. As agreed, they let her win the first time and after that they are arguing about who won the race.

Clearly the guy is pretending to be a sore loser, he is complaining about her driving and that the race wasn’t fair. After the argument the girl is clearly hooked up, so when the guy with the Accura Integra offers $100 for the winner, she takes the bet. This is one perfect example that you shouldn’t be racing on the streets with people that you don’t know, or if you do, better check out the cars that they are driving, so that you don’t lose any money on stupid bets that you could never win.


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