Here Is Your 30-SECOND PROOF TO BUY A DURAMAX TRUCK! This 2001 Chevy Duramax Will Convince You Of The Old Way!

This 2001 Chevy Duramax will convince you of the old fashioned way.

The icy roads are a real difficulty for 18-wheelers. This happened in Minnesota where on Christmas Eve the U.S. Foods semi truck slid into the drainage alongside the road. Guess what happened?

Next time when you are in the same situation and you see that a Chevy Duramax is coming on the way you should smile, yeah, you should smile. Although this Duramax is from 2001, old enough with more than a quarter million miles history behind, it wasn’t a big deal for him.

It was just a routine, without sweating the engine at all the Duramax pulled the truck from the holes. And that’s called diesel power baby, mighty Duramax! We should add that the truck was fully loaded but no one told this to the Duramax. Reliability is in the genes of this diesel engine.


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