Honda S2000 Drift Done IN THE MIDDLE OF TRAFFIC! Endangering Lives On Public Roads = TOTAL NUTCASE!!!

It goes without a saying that drifting on public roads is too DANGEROUS. But the word dangerous is the one that is driving these people crazy and they are all about drifting. They will not choose the way of it or they will not choose the place of it at all. If a Honda S2000 drift can be done on the parking lot then fine, if not they are more than glad to make it on the traffic road so that all the other people can see what they are doing and how they are doing it.

Having the Honda S2000 drift on the traffic means that this car is too strong for the streets and it should not be street legal at all. That’s why now the driver has gone mad and he wants to show all the power of the car in front of everyone’s eyes here. Having this great footage of the driver with the Honda S2000 drift done on the street the driver gets to brag about the act that he did and how cool it looks. We are not going to say that it doesn’t look cool or that the drift is not good, but we are going to say that it should not be done as we are not encouraging the street racing or drifting at all.

All the drifts should be done one the right place, this is the race and drift tracks and nowhere else. That’s why now the driver that had the Honda S2000 drifting on the street maybe is going to face some legal charges by the cops and they should take his car too. Driving this powerful beast on the road will make this driver to make the drift again and maybe then he will make a mistake that is going to lead to a crash.


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