HOW DOES A GAS NOZZLE WORK: It’s Actually Surprisingly Complicated!

Honestly we didn’t expect that behind the gas nozzle is some serious engineering. Actually we never paid attention how that nozzle works, we just thought it simple thing with handle and spring inside of it and that’s it, it is connected to the gas pump and the fluid just flows through it.

We were damn wrong. This simple stuff includes much more than simplicity!

Have you ever heard about the Venturi Effect? Neither have we, but when we played the video we saw what it is about. If you take a tube and you pitch it in the middle, then fluid (which can also can be gas or liquid, not just water) after it goes through the pinch becomes compressed! After the velocity speeds up the pressure on the other side of the tube actually decreases. Keep this in mind because you will need further to solve the puzzle!

Now, if you look at the gas nozzle there is a whole toward the end and that whole leads to a tube which ends with diaphragm which stands above the Venturi tube. So, can you guess what all is about? The small hole actually pumps the air which comes from the tank to the diaphragm and when it is filled with fluid it stops and activate the diaphragm to stop the fuel flow.

It sounds simpler but it is not, play the video to see how it works.


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