TUTORIAL: HOW NO TO KISS THE GROUND Riding a BIKE…!! Never Take A Big Angle While You Ride The KTM950 Adventure!

KTM 950 Adventure is an excellent bike and it will completely fulfill your adventurous off-road needs. Yeah, that’s why the full name is KTM 950 Adventure, powered by 942 cubic centimeters 75 degrees V-twin DOHC four-stroke, liquid cooled-engine delivering 102 bhp.

If we consider the spirit of the KTM 950 Adventure, off-road bike, the performances are more than enough to move this bike smoothly and surpass every obstacle on its way.

But if you want to record your own video while you’re riding the KTM 950 Adventure, think twice, are you a prank or a pro? Consider the tires of this bike, they are not for asphalt roads especially not for lowering the bike while you are driving because it can just happen the same that happened to this guy on the video.

The guy had huge luck, there wasn’t a vehicle coming from the opposite direction while he fell and slide on road. Thank God he stood up immediately untouched, checked the bike, for his luck the bike was not damaged, he put everything on the right place, started the engine and continued his ride.

Let this video be a warning to you and maybe a guide how to avoid stupid bike crashes and  injuries on your body that can be fatal!


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