VERY CLEVER GUIDE FOR THE STREETS: How To Outsmart The Cops On The DUI Checkpoints Without Even Opening Your Window!

Maybe one of the most undesired situations is to be stopped by the police after the late night hangout with alcohol. But you must admit, it was hell of a party! But the cops don’t think the same.

If they stop you the last thing you want to allow them is to search your vehicle under any kind of reasonable or unreasonable suspicion. Believe us that would be a pain in your neck, and you want to avoid this undesirable situation. Exactly the DUI checkpoints are the tricky places where the cops want to hunt. Thanks to the guys from the FairDUI maybe you can create an excuse to avoid the search of your ride.

Below is the list of the things you should have ready for this specific occasion and save your head.

You can write on piece of paper the following words that you want to remain silent, you don’t want any searches until your lawyer is not with you. Also you should put any kind of tickets you have under the windshield wiper, for ex. “CPLR §308 & Pacamor, 132 Misc.2d 269 (1986)” and you should accent to the cops that you need to show the papers and not hand to them. You should refuse to open your window, and you will mention to them that you comply with the clearly stated law orders.

Maybe this method works in theory, but first read your local laws to see how it stands with them.

On the video bellow you can see how that looks in reality. Take care for yourself. And one final note from us before you watch the video: Never drive in alcoholic state, once you may pass the DUI checkpoints but many other things can go wrong. Drive responsibly!


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