ULTIMATE GUIDE – How You Pick Up Girls With The Nissan GTR R35!

We all know very well that fast and great looking sports cars and hot girls are going together nice and smooth, one could say that it is a perfect match, one made in heaven. Thus, today we are going to present you with one video on how to completely utilize the ‘pulling power’ that Nissan GT-R R35 aka Godzilla has on hot girls and hot to get a maximum benefit out of it!

So, we have three guys (actually teenagers) who are making this experiment, just to prove that (almost) all girls are turning-on on great sports cars and just how easy is to pick up a hot girls when you are driving a car like Nissan GT-R R35.

It is almost frustrating how easily these boys are getting the company of attractive young women! First, they are asking them to point them to the nearest restaurant, and later on, when they see just how good their GTR charm is, they are going straight to the point! Wow – the ultimate power of Nissan GT-R!


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