I’ll Take The 1968 Plymouth Barracuda! DEADLY MOPAR DRAG RACE Made The Crowd GO WILD At Maple Grove Raceway!

For those of you who just can’t get enough of the adrenaline juice coming from a drag race, we are here to satisfy your hunger. For today we have picked two deadly Mopar machines. It’s always a great pleasure to see as Chrysler’s muscle cars are matching their strengths on the drag strip. Both of these cars belong to the second generation of the Plymouth Barracuda lineup. To be more specific, they are samples of the 1968 Plymouth Barracuda.

The 1968 Plymouth Barracuda may not be the best looking Barracuda ever, comparing to the later year models from the third generation. But, they sure have the clean mean looks which gives them a really wicked appearance once they are set on the drag strip. One of them has a smoking hot paint job with killer flames, but that still didn’t give it enough juice for the end of the race. Both these Barracudas had Hemi hood scoop which should tell us more about the beasts hidden under the hoods. Of course, you know of what I’m talking about, the one and only Hemi engine. Both these small block Mopars are running old school Hemi numbers. Back in the year of 1968, Chrysler produced approximately fifty fastback 1968 Plymouth Barracuda cars which came equipped with the 426 cu in (7.0 L) 2x4bbl HEMI RB V8 engine, and they were built specifically for Super Stock drag racing. Every sample had a sticker included which indicated that it wasn’t for use on public roads. In 1968 this particular Barracuda could run the ¼ mile in the mid-tens.

Here we have two excellent samples of that model and they are here to show us what they got! Before the very start of the race, both of the cars as it is the custom in every drag race, did some wild burnouts thus demonstrating the immense power under the hoods. This outstanding drag race took place on the drag strip at Maple Grove Raceway.

Hope you will enjoy watching this video!


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