Incredible V8 Engine: ¼ Scaled And Still Sings Mighty! Conley Precision Engines Takes You On A Tour How It’s Made As Well As Some Light Maintenance On The Engine!

Every time we find a video of a scaled engine we can’t avoid it and not share it with you. We really appreciate this discipline of creating real masterpieces because it demands knowledge, experience and patient work.

These guys from Conley Precision Engines posses all the aforementioned skills and created this mighty small V8 engine. And not that just the outlook amazed us, but the pretty voice also, and literally this small engine sings with those eight exhaust pipes, yeah, just notice the smoke that comes out, really cute.

But this is not just an improvisation, its real engine with performance, yeah, it’s not just sound diffuser and smoke machine packed inside. This V8 engine has 6.09 cubic inches displacement, the bore is 1.00, with a 970 stroke, and held 60 lbs oil pressure at 9,000 rpm. Impressive, yeah. We can’t avoid the dry sump oiling; the oil circulates throughout the engine.

Stinger 609 V8 has nothing in common with his ancestors and each part is brand new and fits only this engine. We now let you to enjoy the 24-minute video where everything do you want to know is explained in details.


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