(INSANE 3,000HP) Off-Road Drag Racing First Generation Hummer DOING WONDERS..

If you think that big packed things cannot run fast like Usain Bolt, then you need this article with the video in it as a proof. Yeah, the ultimate evidence that will change the picture on your side for the big things on four wheels!

Have you ever seen a first generation Hummer launching instantly like space shuttle produced by NASA? Neither have we, until the moment we found this video and this more than two tons steel toy launched like insane blown drag Mustang. It is unbelievable and mind-blowing!

This heavy rig rolls the same as much smaller counterparts and maybe even better than many of them. This unique first generation Hummer is the proudness of the Hummer family because he is insanely fast, producing nasty adrenaline sound and throw mud with the rear mud tires like no one of his younger relatives.

Now get comfortable in your sofa or chair, tie your belt and get ready for mind blowing acceleration and nasty sound!

But first just notice how shyly he stepped on the track, with difficulties hiding his mighty side, but the engine noise was revealing too much. Enjoy the 3,000HP launch folks!


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