Insane Polaris RZR Crash At Rocky Hill Mx – HOW a ROLL CAGE Can SAVE a LIFE!!!

There are many automotive disciplines, which significantly increase the adrenaline in the blood. Riding a buggy gives you maximum freedom, but it is also fraught with danger. When it comes to off-road driving, there is no doubt that the best investment in a vehicle is in its safety. Protection is something on which we pay a lot of money, hoping we may never have the need to use it.

So what is the strong side in an ATV? When talking about ATVs, a strong roll cage is mandatory if a person wants to make it in one piece after experiencing a hard crash. Powerful roll cage protects against serious injury, while good anchorage does not give the driver to fly off and break his neck. There are situations where such a roll cage or frame is not just for fun, but it can definitely save your life.

For example, look at the following video with a Polaris RZR crashing over a hill at Rocky Hill Mx in 2014. The driver lost control during one of the jumps, resulting in the vehicle to flip over. Luckily, the strong roll cage protected him from facing a major injury or even death. The video that you’re about to see proves just how little it takes for things to go wrong.


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